2016 Dell Laptop Condenser Mic

OK I was really shocked by this , at the tail end of my session I was having ,

Some how my VOCALS was recorded by the LAPTOP Mic instead of my actual studio mic and the Sound Quality of it was Loud and Clear enough that I can indeed work with it.

Was it maybe really not recorded with the LAPTOP MIC ? I had the USB interface and MIC Plugged in but apparently the LAPTOP MIC TAB was selected in Audacity ? So what truly captured it ? I did a side by side comparison I almost can’t tell a difference.

The Wavs just seem fatter or thinner depending on what mic was used. , the quality itself seems EQUAL.

Was it maybe really not recorded with the LAPTOP MIC ?

I have done that where I was performing a complicated recording and didn’t notice the local microphone had slipped away from me in favor of the laptop. The only way I eventually caught on was in post production when some special microphone effects were oddly missing.

It’s possible you were recording both. If you like to record internet shows (and who doesn’t), then you have software that crosses internal sound pathways and tries to record everything.

There is a test for that. Scratch each microphone and see which ones are active. Never blow into a microphone, but you can yell all you want and scratching is OK.


Everybody Knows you have to spend hundreds on a microphone, but not always.

This is an interview I did by laying my iPod on the table in front of the guest. It’s supposed to be a cafe interview, so the background noise is theatrically appropriate.



Using two mics separated by a few meters is a deliberate technique to add reverb,
the furthest one from the performer is acting as a room mic

Yeah it’s a really strange thing , Well I am happy it was captured loud and clear enough , I totally was not going to do it :laughing:

I find it funny back in 2005 ? Which my Laptop would of been from 2002 , when I use to sing into a Laptop Mic of course the quality wasn’t good.

and to think I was easily 15 years ahead of mine :laughing:

If you go far enough back, a laptop was something you were forced to use until you could get back to your “real” computer.

Actually performing into my laptop microphone is on my to-do list, as is intentionally announcing into my phone. I don’t think you need hundreds of dollars of USB microphone to produce a passable voice recording.