2 questions

I just recently installed the newest version of Audacity and i noticed 2 issues, which are probably an easy fix vis some settings, but i cant find them

  1. i used to be able to drag songs from itunes or a folder into Audacity. I cannot do this anymore
  2. i used to be able to highlight certain portions of a song by holding down mouse and dragging to the right and it would scroll thru until i reached the point. Now it doesnt scroll and i have to go to next page and pick up where it left off

is there a setting that needs to be modified so these 2 functions will work again?

Thanks in advance

What version were you using which could do this?


There’s a gymnastic way around the selection process.

Click and hold from your starting point and move to the right. Before you get to the end of the timeline, press Shift and scroll forward with the scroll wheel on the mouse. The timeline will push forward. You need two fingers on the mouse to pull this off because your other hand is on the Shift key. Keep moving the mouse up and down very slightly and the selection will follow you. When you get to the destination, release everything.

I thought dragging work into Audacity still worked. I need to go look.


My dragging doesn’t work, either.
You can drag a sound file over the Audacity icon in the Dock. That does work.


I think both issues are bugs in Audacity 2.1.2 which have been fixed for the 2.1.3 release (due out very soon)

i am using the trackpad on my laptop as i always have been. I dont remember what version i had before. It just so happened my HDD crapped out and was replaced, so i had to re-install all my SW

Yes, so I recommend GlennY tries “Audacity Mac 2.1.3 RC1 - DMG (RC for testing only)” from https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html/. That test build will probably become the new 2.1.3 in a few days’ time.


Just installed 2.1.3 and both the issues i was having have been addressed.
Nice job

Thanks for testing.