2 problems and 1 question about my new Blue Spark Digital

Hey guys! After thinking about it a lot, I decided to order a Blue Spark Digital instead of a Blue Yeti Blackout on Amazon and yesterday I finally got it. I was really excited (and still am) about my new microphone; yet I’m having trouble with a couple of things:

First, it’s hissing, like really loud and a lot in a room with no sounds other than my voice, did anyone else have this problem?, if so, how did you fix it? I mean, I edited the sound on Sony Vegas which got rid of most of the hiss, but as you may imagine it’s never perfect, and it lowers the quality a tiny bit.

The second problem I’m having is that, as it is iPad and iPhone compatible with the newer models (lightning cable) I decided to try it on my iPad Air, and the moment i plugged it in it said “This accesory is not compatible with this iPad” and it’s supposed to be, I’ve tried more times since, and now it doesn’t even say that, but the light in the microphone has never turned on.

Finally, I have a question. I want to plug the mic to my camera, a Canon T3i, and I don’t k kw yet if I need a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable or a micro usb to 3.5 mm cable.

I’m really hoping this are things I can easily solve with your help, because after 1 day, I’ve gotten a little worried. Greetings!

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I wouldn’t mind owning an actual analog Spark. I have a very good quality, quiet sound mixer with 48 volt Phantom Power, good digital audio connections and it will probably work just ducky. The USB version, however, may be less desirable.

Audacity gets its sound from the computer. If the computer doesn’t recognize the microphone, they we’re out. Audacity will not run on an iOS machine.

I did make an adapter that will take an XLR microphone connection and change it into the 1/8" plug suitable for a camcorder, but it won’t work with this microphone because the Spark needs 48 volt Phantom Power to run.

the gold-sputtered .9" capsule and > phantom-powered preamp > are direct results of creating studio-standard mics such as the Blue Bottle series.

If you use a sound mixer, you can jocky with the preamp trimmer and sound channel adjustments to suppress the noise (if it’s even a problem at all). With a USB microphone, all that is built-in and can’t be changed.

Yes. White Noise or hiss is rough to suppress. Noise Reduction filters that take out hiss also try to take out the actual show, so that’s not useful. Much better not to have the hiss in the first place.

You can ask the company were you bought the microphone. Sweetwater has been very supportive of me when I asked them about solving specific hardware problems.


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If it sounds real noisy, it can’t be up to specs. And it doesn’t work with your ipad, so I suppose you have a defective mic…