2.4.1 from ubuntuhandbook1 PPA - No Limiter plugin


I’ve just updated from 2.3.3 to 2.4.1 on Linux Mint 19.3 using Panda Jim’s PPA and noticed a couple of issues regarding effects.

  1. The enabled state of plugins doesn’t seem to be preserved with existing Audacity data settings. Many plugins adopt a disabled state. Starting with a fresh data settings folder produces a different result.

  2. In 2.4.1 from the PPA, the Limiter plugin isn’t present. It’s not listed in the Add/Remove plugins tool.

UPDATE: This may be related to this thread - https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/can-no-longer-enable-plugins-after-2-3-3-2-4-0-update/57039/1


If this post by thx is correct Can no longer enable plugins after 2.3.3 -> 2.4.0 update - #12 by thx
then it’s a packaging problem in the PPA and should be reported to the PPA maintainer.

Hi Steve,

I’ve emailed Jim with a link to the thread you posted.