2.3.2 Debug Report Issue

Hello, I have had Audacity for a few days and have been loving it until today. I have been working on a project, and every 5 minutes a debug report pops up and either locks me out or shuts the program completely down making any progress very hard to come by. I have made sure my playback settings are set properly and so forth but was wondering what else I can try. It seems to happen when ever I am listening to audio then pause to make adjustments. I’m also operating with windows 7.

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\Audacity_dbgrpt-2420-20190516T170713.zip I think that’ss how you post it?

See here for how to post an attachment to the forum: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1

Thanks for the tip. Here is the pop i get every time then shuts the program down.
Audacity Debug Report.xml (18.3 KB)

Audacity Debug Report.xml (18.3 KB)

Sorry, here is a screen shot of the post that pops up as well. Hopefully you guys have a fix, having quite a bit of down time with this bug at the moment and its killing me not being able to do much :frowning:
Debug Notification.PNG

Could the problem be related to using your mouse wheel?

If I was using a mouse then possibly? but I’m using the touch pad on my lap top seeing as my mouse kicked the bucket a bit ago. Just curiouse as to why youd ask though. Something in the report point to that?


Does your touchpad have an equivalent of mouse wheel rotation?

On the very right of the pad yes. I mean its possible maybe I touched it, but there are grooves to.indicate when your on that part and I cant recall hitting them. I’m away from my lap top at the moment but soon as I can il check to see if my hitting that causes it.

The debug log is showing a divide by zero error. If I was able to reproduce the problem I suspect the fix would be very easy. Problem is, I can’t reproduce it.
If you find a way to reproduce the error at will, please do tell us.

I will keep you posted. As of right now it seems to be happening mostly on a certain project as compared to others and seems to be about 2 minutes after opening the project and listening to it then soon as I press stop it locks up and throws that debug report up. Soon as I press ok it either doesnt respond or closes out completely. But yes once I get back il see if I can pin point exactly between all of that.

So i was able to turn the program on and work on it for ~ 10 min before it locked me out again. During that 10 minutes i also tried multiple things (including mouse scroller on lap top) to cause it to do so to no avail. Then suddenly i went back to the beginning of the project and tried clicking on the audio and it did the debug report again. Not sure of the cause. Went back in and tried to do it again but so far everything i retraced hasn’t caused it again. seems to happen when ever it feels like since its happened either 1 minute after opening the program or 10. But saying that it seems to be mostly when i stop the audio to make modifications i feel since it just happened again while i was typing this…

I am convinced I have found the problem and fixed it. Soon as I got on to Audacity, I created a new project, copy and pasted the vocals from the old project and reimported the beat and thus far I have done ~30 min without any debug reports showing up (knock on wood). I’m thinking maybe it was the save file its self on the last one?

Do you still have the old project?
If so, are you able to reproduce the crash using the old project?

Hi, sorry for the late response. I do have the old save file and yes it still happens on there. Seems like a speratic occurance as I cant seem to trigger it intentionally but it just pops up. Side note, I worked most of last night on other saves and projects without any incident.

Would you be able to share that project with us so that we can try to reproduce the problem?
If so, do you know how to create a ZIP file, and do you have a dropbox or Google drive account?