[2.3.0] High pass filter adding silence?

Greetings everyone.

I use audacity to edit multi-track audio for a podcast. All silences are cut out so that clips can be moved around, to compensate for the online latency during the recording. Here are two screenshots displaying what I mean.

When I want to clean up the recordings with a high pass filter (HPF), Audacity adds silence to all these empty parts.
The silences are a hindrance because they get in the way when I want to tweak clip timings.

Is there a way I can either:

  • Run the HPF on multiple audio tracks at once without it adding silence clips to the track,
  • Run the HPF on multiple audio tracks at once, and remove all silence clips in a batch operation?

Thanks in advance!

Use the “Equalization” effect rather that the High-Pass Filter.

“Edit menu > Clip Boundaries > Detach at Silences” (Edit Menu: Audio Clips - Audacity Manual)

Today morning, I had the idea to test the HPF (>10 KHz) by using the “Equalization”. I was working with a 32-bit wav mono track of a few minutes long.

I exported the new mono track; also as 32-bit wav type.
I closed/run Audacity and reloaded the latter.
I noticed that its track is shorted about 0.5 sec.
I thought I did something wrong. But after reading here, this result might be a natural side effect.

But if this shouldn’t happen and the new filtered track should be, after being exported and reloaded (32-bit wav), of the same size as it was (as of the original unfiltered track), I will surely repeat what I did to find out what I missed.

Oh, yea, that’s a smart workaround. Thanks!

Ugh, RTFM! When I saw this option in the menu I figured it’d only split clips, not clear the silences. This feature is going to save me a lot of time in the future.