2.2.2 to 2.3.1 on Linux Mint 19

I have been using 2.2.2 on Linux Mint for a few months and am getting familiar with it. I understand that the new version is available (2.3.1). It is not available via the internal software manager and I’m frightened to use code as described on the Audacity site as I am an absolute beginner on Linux.
Can you help?


I’d recommend that you stick with Audacity 2.2.2 for now. Mint will update to 2.3.1 in due course.

When you have a bit more experience and confidence with Linux, you may be interested in learning how to build applications from the source code - on Linux this is usually much easier than on other platforms, particularly if there is reasonably comprehensive documentation (as there is for Audacity).

Thanks Steve,
Doing nothing and waiting for the manager to update is my default setting!

Another question:
I have downloaded the manual (zip file) but have absolutely no idea how to incorporate it into Audacity.
I’m happy to use terminal code if you provide EXACT details for me to copy/paste.

Instructions are here: Unzipping the Manual - Audacity Manual but it’s difficult to give “exact” instructions because it depends where Audacity is installed and the exact name of the manual ZIP file.

I’d guess it is installed in /usr/share/audacity/ (as shown in the manual). You would need to use the actual name and location of the manual instead of “~/Desktop/audacity-manual-2.1.3.zip”.