2.1.0 won't open a wav file that VLC will [SOLVED]

Audio .wav file from pocket recorder. Never had issues with Audacity opening wav files it’s created before, but a 1.2 gig wav is not opened by Audacity, but VLC Media player 2.2.4 will play it. I want to visualise it though, any help please? Audacity says it did not recognize file type and if uncompressed try importing as “raw” I tried that, not shown as a playable format. Thanks.

Open the file in VLC, then look in “Tools > Codec Information”. What does it say?

Hi Steve, please see screen shot here:

Thanks for the speedy reply

OK, so it’s not quite an “ordinary” WAV file, it’s encoded as IMA ADPCM, but Audacity should be able to handle that. Perhaps the file header is damaged.

First thing to do is to ensure that you have enough free disk space. ADPCM is a compressed format, to it will become MUCH bigger when decoded by Audacity.

Assuming that you have plenty of free disk space:
You could try converting it with VLC to FLAC format (this will be a lossless conversion, but you will probably need to edit the conversion profile as the default FLAC profile will give you a stereo file). Assuming that VLC can convert it, Audacity should be able to read the FLAC file (which will be much bigger than the original ADPCM WAV file).

That seems to have worked, as you warned it’s a huge file and Audacity took ages to open it it, but it appears to have got there in the end! many thanks for that, despite recording dozens of similar files this was the first that showed that problem, as an aside, might it be indicative of the cheap Ebay USB recorder going faulty? Thanks again, have a good weekend Steve, much appreciated.