2.0.6 Crashing regularly

I’ve attached Audacity’s log.
log.txt (3.44 KB)

That looks normal except for the orphan blocks.

What are you doing and with which OS-X on which computer? Rich questions are good.


We have to build your system in our heads to help you.


I think that is normal, including the orphan blocks. They are probably files for Undo/Redo which were not deleted because Audacity did not quit properly.

Haelen, to begin with - are you sure you installed Audacity properly? See Installation: Do NOT run Audacity from the DMG!!! .

If that does not help then as well as telling us what you are doing just before the crash occurs, tell us what version of OS X you are using. Also please give us the Mac crash report. Open Finder, then choose Go > Go to Folder and type:


The Audacity crash reports should be saved there (or if you are on OS X 10.4 or 10.5, at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/).


Hi. Sorry I did not include more details. I’ve attached the Mac log.

Audacity_2014-09-29-094636_Tims-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.spin.txt (142 KB)

The log is for 2.0.5. Does Audacity launch at all? If yes, what actions do you take in Audacity that precipitate the hang?

Does right-click or CONTROL-click over Audacity.app > Get Info and enabling the checkbox “Prevent App Nap” make any difference?

Does the problem start if you move to another application, so that Audacity no longer has focus?

Has the problem just started now and you did not have a problem with this Mac Book Pro before?


Sorry about that, Gale. I’m half asleep. I’ve attached yesterday’s log here.
Audacity_2014-10-06-141931_Tims-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.spin.txt (46.2 KB)

While repeatedly posting logs can be helpful, a simple narrative description of what you’re doing with your computer works wonders.

I appreciate that, Koz. I suspect I was either saving a file or similar. I can’t be specific on this occasion. Sorry.


The 2.0.6 log says the same thing, that Audacity is sending lots of wakeup calls.

So is this not really a regular problem? Does it happen when you are doing an export of a long file and you switch focus to another app while you are waiting?

If the problem persists I suggest you post the report for that crash explicitly (if it is a crash), when it happens.

If the reports are still of excessive wakeups, right-click or CONTROL-click over Audacity.app > Get Info and try changing the checkbox “Prevent App Nap”. Also look at your Energy Saver System Preferences .


Hi Gale,

Thanks for your response. Audacity did not crash at all yesterday, but did for 3 days running prior to that. I’ve taken the precaution of setting the app to not nap, and will see how it goes.

Thanks again,