1st Track Recording onto new track

Hi can you help me.

I am new to Audacity. When I record a track - recording and Playback is fine. Whe I add a new track the information in the first track is recorded onto the new track. I want the information on the second track to be on its own track.

Ive quite a bit to avoid this and I know Audacity has been around a long time - Im sure this cant be just the way it is - becuase like this I cant use it.

Any suggestions please?

I’m not really sure what it is you’re recording? Speech? Musical instrument? I mainly import audio into Audacity so in most cases I’m not recording directly into Audacity but what I would try is FIRST adding a second track. So at the top go to Tracks > add new > stereo track and that will add an empty track for you to use to record whatever it is you’re wanting to put onto the second track. Then make sure your cursor is at about at the beginning of the second track and start recording. If the cursor is accidently on your first track of audio I believe it will then just start recording over your previous audio and you don’t want that.

Im recording music - thanks for te tip - Ill give it ago and let you know.

However if you like - I open a first track then record some music onto it. Then I add a new track and begin to record on the new track the music from the first track is also recorded onto the second track. I can of course mute the first track and it doesnt happen but I need to be able to hear it when doing the new track.


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