100s of Songs: Replay Gain, Removing all silence, Compressing mixes?

Hi people.

1.a) I’m in need of help. I want to “normalize” the loudness of all my djing tracks to the same level and for that am using Replay Gain. Works like a charm, but adds silence behind those “boarders” when applying it to all tracks. How do I remove all of them at once? I got hundrets of songs… (see screenshot)

  1. b) Also I noticed that when exporting all audacity adds the same artist to the meta tags of all tracks…

  2. When creating a dj mix (using wav files) for my dance courses I want to make sure that it sounds nice without having to listen to the whole piece before the actual dance. Plus I cant turn the loudspeakers to 100 db like for the actual performance… I noticed that some parts became too loud and some too crip. How do I add some kind of super subtle (3band?) compression without loosing quality or depth?

Thank you for helping me!

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I don’t know what’s going on with the extra silence…

“Regular” [u]ReplayGainl[/u] doesn’t touch the audio at all… It adds ReplayGain tag to the file and ReplayGain compatible player software reads the tag and adjusts volume at playback time.

Variations like MP3Gain and WaveGain make permanent adjustments to the actual audio file so they are compatible with everything. And MP3Gain works without decompressing/recompressing so it won’t add more silence and it won’t mess-with any existing tags. Also those can batch process multiple files at once.

How do I add some kind of super subtle (3band?) compression without loosing quality or depth?

I can’t help with that, but the Audacity Limiter is very-good if you want to even-out the volume or make a track louder. It uses look-ahead so it doesn’t distort the waveform (as long as you don’t use the “clipping” options). Limiting is a fast-kind of dynamic compression.

Of course, apply compression/limiting before ReplayGain or other loudness matching.

Are you referring to this plug-in: ReplayGain plug-in
If so, note that it says:

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to each track

Thanks for your answers.

Wow, aren’t you the creator of the ReplayGain plugin? Yes that’s what I’m referring to. But like I said, I can’t repeat 2 steps for every track individually. It costs too much time.

Also the plugin adds a silence behind every track equal to the length of the selected / longest track… How can I prevent that or at least remove all of that silence at once after the plugin has done its magic?

That’s a limitation of Nyquist plug-ins. They act on the entire selection, and if part of the selected region is empty, Nyquist sees the empty part as silence. The added silence will also interfere with the plug-in’s calculation of average loudness. These are the two reasons why the plug-in needs to be applied to an entire track - no more and no less.

An alternative would be “batch processing” with an Audacity Macro. See: Macros - Audacity Manual

If you normalize to too high a level, the audio may be clipped. It is therefore very important that you retain your original tracks as a backup until you are sure that all processed tracks are OK (clipped audio cannot be 100% fixed).

I can’t repeat 2 steps for every track individually. It costs too much time.

If you use [u]player software that supports ReplayGain[/u] they can easily process all of your files at once. (Except if you want to use Album Gain you’ll have to process one album at a time.) I use Winamp and I run the ReplayGain analysis every time I add a song or album to my library. I’ve got almost 20,000 songs all ReplayGain tagged.

If you have an Apple device or if you are using iTunes you can simply turn-on [u]Apple Sound Check[/u].

If your player doesn’t support ReplayGain you can use [u]MP3Gain[/u] or [u]WaveGain[/u] with the [u]WaveGain Front End[/u]. Again, these can batch-process all of your songs at once. And they won’t boost the levels into clipping (unless you disable that feature).