0.75mW/cm2 help?

Hi … I do not know how to make a isochronous sound in isomod with this configuration 0.75mW / cm2, can anyone help me? please ?

or how can I make this pulse with another plugin etc … thanks

1 mW = 0.001 Watts (a unit of power: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watt)
cm² = 1 square centimetre (a unit of area).

mW/cm² says how much power is landing on, or being applied per unit area. It could, for example, be used to say how much energy is collected by a solar panel per day.

Another example: If I play rock music through my hi-fi at full volume in an empty, sound proof room, and the power output of my hi-fi is 20 Watts, and the surface area of the walls + floor + ceiling is 50 square meters, and we assume that all of the sound energy is absorbed by the surfaces of the room (walls + floor + ceiling), then that is 20,000 mW, which will be absorbed by 500,000 cm² of surface, = 20000/500000 = 0.04 mW/cm².

Obviously if I play the music louder, then the amount of power is greater, or if the room is bigger, then the power per square centimetre is less.

There is no direct correlation between an audio signal, and power or surface area. In other words, your question makes no sense.

Yes, I understand. Yes, thank you. No, how can I simulate this effect in audacity?

thak you so much