0.05s silence inserted when exporting to .MP3


My Audacity version is 2.0.0 running on Windows 7 Family Premium Edition.

I’ve created a beep sound with SFXR (PROJECT PAGE), which exports to the .WAV format.
I’m creating a game with Flashpunk and Flashdevelop, so I can only use .MP3 format.

To this end, I export it with Audacity to .MP3. Everything works fine, but 0.050s of silence is inserted at the start of each .MP3 at each export.
This might seem insignificant but when dealing with < 0.030s sound effects, this latency is jarring : it feels weird.

Does this have to do with Audacity, and would you have any idea on where the problem might be coming from ?
Maybe it’s the lame_enc.dll ?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this,

You mean MP3 the video format? MP3’s real name is MPEG1, Layer 3. It’s an early video format. It conforms to video boundaries and timings. It’s not infinitely variable like WAV.

It’s still true, never do production in MP3, but I don’t see how you’re going to avoid it. You might be able to get the MP3 from somebody else. Export the work in WAV and convert it to MP3 in Something Else. iTunes is a free download and it has a very nice MP3 converter.

Hi Koz,

Thanks for the information about the MP3 format. First time I really deal with audio, so it’s all new to me :slight_smile:
I’ll try ITunes and any other WAV to MP3 converter I can find, thanks ! If I find a solution that avoids the 0.050s silence, I’ll post it here.

As you said, ITunes was the best solution I found. It still left a 0.020s silence at the beginning, and a 0.025s silence at the end, but it felt better.
The size compression isn’t as good as Audacity though, weighing approximately 3Ko (for a 1Ko file with Audacity).