Windows 7 - Audacity - No Infrasound EQ

In the past I’ve seen an Audacity No Infrasound EQ but I can’t find it now. Any help?
Also I’m using Windows 7 and can’t seem to access Users/AppData. If I find the Eq, where do I save it?

“No Infrasound” was my name for a high-pass filter, ( a/k/a/ bass roll-off), which removes inaudible infrasound.

For some reason my “No Infrasound” post is off limits at the moment … Improving an old recording - #15 by Trebor

However you can see how to re-create such an equalization here … Help with equalizing audio - #18 by Trebor

“AppData” is a hidden folder in Windows , but you don’t need to make it visible to save an EQ-curve you’ve created , or imported , that can all be done within Audacity’s equalizer, see “Manage Curves” here …

It was in a group of topics that were (if I recall) in a now closed board called “The Lounge” which became a rag tag place where most toipics really belonged somewhere else.

I reinstated the topic in “Audio Processing”: Improving an old recording