Windows 10 /5 secs of static at 1:45 every recording! Please help?

I’m a new user of audacity. I have replicated a problem now that I have recorded some tracks. At 1:45 to 1:50ish the track recording is broken up by static and then clears up. I got it to do it at 2:54 when just recording some drums by themselves. I am not able to lay down a track without this “break-up” of the input signal, and I am always seeing it around 1:45 into the recording… not a hardware problem in my opinion, but I am here to listen and learn!

I am pretty sure that this is a windows setting issue, but I am not windows 10 smart enough to chase it down. Can someone share with me the cheat codes for this gremlin? thanks in advance for any help!

Dell PC WIN10
YAMAHA mg10xu
mxl770 condensers x3 on booms in the studio

Drag-select a noise blast and the area around it. Two or three seconds either side should do it. Can you find a “clean” one. Without music? Then post a second short file with some of your regular music.

This is all live music into microphones, right?

File > Export > Export WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit.

Post it on the forum.

Scroll down from a text window > Attachments > Add Files.


thanks for the reply! I’m reading this as an “edit” on either end of the software related signal disruption, correct? I think I am trying to get a solution for what is causing the static issue in the signal, rather than how to edit it… I apologize if I am misunderstanding you, but I am rather noob on this topic. New issue for me that I have not faced.

No guarantees, but a short audio sample (WAV or FLAC format) may help us to diagnose / identify the cause of the problem.

See here for how to post an audio sample:

awesome, thanks for the clarification… you want me to upload a clip of the noise to diagnose. Roger that… I’ll update you when I get it done this evening.

So, I have been timing this, and it is cyclical, whatever the spacing is.
Tonight it was about 3:35 min apart, and lasted 5-7 seconds each time. Take a listen, and consider that it can come around every 1:30, or every 2:10, or 3:35 tonight… it is random, but it is patternized. definitely software or computer related… hardware dowsnt cycle noise like this that you can set your stop watch to… im baffled


Switch off any Windows audio enhancements in both the recording & playback tabs …
[If that’s not the cause there may be another layer of audio enhancements, e.g. DELL’s MaxxAudio ]

thanks, I will give it a try tonight when I get home. So, you are pretty sure this is a computer based, audio enhancement issue? They’re hidden all over the place in the settings… ugh!