Webcam Mic supersedes my good one

I’m using a logitech webcam that has a microphone to skype and audacity to record the audio while using skype.
My good condenser mic is running through a komplete 6 audio interface and sounds great.
Problem is, audaicty uses the logitech mic even when the Komplete interface is selected.
This has to be an issue with the way audacity selects default audio sources.
I assure you I’ve selected my good mic interface in audacity. It switches by itself. Please help. Thanks!

It switches by itself.

It switches according to what Skype wants. Skype became the most reliable and respected communications program on earth by being vicious and brutal about getting its way.

We recommend using a Skype-compliant program to record your works instead of trying to use Audacity. In a contest between Skype and Audacity, we haven’t got a chance.


I think Voicemeeter can do this.

Other offerings.


Thanks for responding,
but Skype isn’t the thing that’s switching.
It’s audacity.
Even though the audio interface is selected, it defaults to the logitech mic in the webcam.

Which microphone does Skype use?


On skype I’m using the Komplete 6 audio interface with my condenser mic.
That’s all good.
But my plan was to run audacity in tandem and use the same mic at the same time.
I managed to do it, but I have to unplug my webcam.

I think you can disable it in “windows recording devices”, rather than having to physically unplug it.

What version of Audacity are you using? See Help > About Audacity… .

Were you explicitly selecting the audio interface by name as Audacity recording device? If you choose a mapped device then you use whatever is Windows default recording device.

And if you are only recording the mic (your side of the conversation), how are you recording the other party? Or is the other party being sent to the interface?