Way to detect waveform drops/gaps

Hi everyone,

I am coming to ask your help as a last resort as I did not find anything to solve my issue. Maybe it’s just that I didn’t find the right term for it?

I am ripping my vinyls and then I fix it with audacity. Until then, I fixed only “visible” clicks, but tiny ones are now annoying me and I want to get rid of them too :laughing:

The kind of clicks I see are like the image attached here. Unfortunately I didn’t not find any tool to easily detect/fix this kind of clicks and I have to mark them along the song, then pass it one by one to zoom, find the “gaps” (is it the right term?) and fix. It’s fraking long! I did not finish even one song after 2 hours of work :mrgreen:

The difference of shape in the waveform being so obvious, I suppose there is a tool or plugin that is capable to at least mark where these occur, but I did not find it. Does anyone knows about such solution? Or is there another way to achieve the same purpose automatically or semi-automatically?

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: My OS version is Catalina 10.15.6, but I guess it does not matter.

Paul-L’s DeClicker plugin will detect (“isolate”) clicks. Apply it to a duplicate track.

Preferably prevent the problem for occurring … FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual

Thanks Trebor, I will try this plugin. I will aslo try all the tips from the page you shared, however I cannot record using Audacity (I use the PS-HX500 turntable and it seems to work only with Sony’s hires recorder). Will share my feedbacks here then.