voice to text converter

I’m using Windows XP. I want to convert a long audio, that I’ve copied from the NET, to text. I do not want to install .net framework. Is there a software or ?? that someone can suggest?
… john

“Dragon” by “Nuance”.

Hi Steve,
I forgot to mention that I would like a ‘free’ application.
… john

Audacity does not do voice to text. You may be able to use Dragon as a free trial for a one-off conversion.

You could try Windows XP - Install speech recognition.

You might find an old application called “Wave to Text”. This used to work quite well. Use the search feature in your web browser, but be very careful because most of the current download sources have injected malware into the application. You are already at great risk by using Windows XP. See Important information for Windows XP users.

If I was searching for that application I would try to find it on a web archive service that stores old web pages, such as Wayback Machine.

Be aware that speech recognition software is not perfect,especially the first time until it learns the particular voice. You will have to go through the produced text file and edit it afterwards.


I’ve just tried “Speech Pad” for Chrome. It’s free, it requires installing a plug-in for Chrome web browser, and it works a lot better than I expected.
See: https://speechpad.pw/

That seems a good find, Steve.

Chrome no longer supports XP as of version 50, so shinnen will need to find an old version of Chrome such as from Download Old Versions of Google Chrome for Windows - OldVersion.com.


Or install a currently supported operating system.
If it’s an old computer, then a lightweight version of Linux (such as Linux Mint with XFCE Desktop) could be an option.


As the others have stated, there are pages that work by using Google Chrome; maybe they are not too bad in english, but in spanish they tend to fail at certain ocassions, specially when talking about dictating punctuation marks…

Anyways, good option.

Also there exists a program named Express Scribe; it’s not free anymore, but it facilitates the work of transcriving because you can control the audio speed and it applies some little effects to make the voice clearer.

Best regards.

Hi All,
I have Chrome installed on one of my XP machines. Yes, I’m aware of the security risks running XP, but I haven’t had a ‘bug’ (that I know of) in like a year. However I keep everything well backed up, so I’m not worried. I’m thinking that maybe our ISP provides some level of protection, and that’s why I haven’t had any recent attacks; bu that’s just my suspicion. I like XP, but will eventually have to change it, of course. I have Linux Mint on one of my machines, and Windows 7 on another, so I may have to resort to one of those, if all else fails. I tried this wav2txt program, that I think you’re referring to, and it produced a graph and a lot of numbers, that I had no idea how to use. I will look into Speech Pad and Windows XP - Install speech recognition. Wayback Machine eh! Thanks for the lead.
… john