Voice over tinny sound needs fixed

I’ve been perfectly happy with how it sounds, though.

In your quiet room?

Once you tame the room, all sorts of options present themselves, including a relatively inexpensive microphone.

I can remember (he said in his best codger voice) when we used to recommend USB microphones without question. Now, there’s a question. Too many people are arriving with noisy vocal tracks caused by USB noise. There is no easy solution once that happens.


I can force that clip into ACX compliance, but it’s not going to be pretty. Pure Noise Reduction doesn’t work well because the whine is in the “baby screaming on a jet” range. 60dB noise floor (ACX Spec) isn’t enough, and some posters arrive with much worse problems and many of them arrive with that and other physical noisemakers.

I know you’re rolling up your sleeves right now with visions of notch filters and compression values dancing in your head. Please note that ACX has a well-used rubber rejection stamp called “Too Much Processing.”

They also have a graphic in lesson number three of their video series. I thought it worth stealing.


Yes, my Maxell sounds nice in a decent room. I have lately been recording theatre pre-show announces, and I’ve been doing it in the (relatively well damped) theatre auditorium, up in the booth, with no close-damping except the back wall, which is usually to my right.

It represents my voice well enough to make me happy, and is sensitive enough that in fact you need to get the room sufficiently quiet because it will pick up noises that you won’t hear, if you’re recording yourself, until you’re done.

[ CORRECTION: My memory sucks; my mic is a CAD GXL3000, not a Maxell. D’oh! ]