Very Large AUP3 files

Audacity 3.1.1 Windows 10

Saving an Audacity Project produces extremely large files and it’s going to eat up all my storage space. I recently upgraded to 3.1.1 from a couple of previous versions and support said upgrading to the newest version would fix it. It didn’t.

So again, I ask… how do I fix this?

Have you tried Audacity Rescue?

Also, sometimes creating a new project (File > New) then copying tracks (e.g., Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) from the old project to the new one can result in a smaller new project.

Audacity Rescue? What is that? Where is that? I don’t see it in any of the menu options in 3.1.0, nor do I see anything when I do a Google search.

I copied the old tracks into the new version and saved it. Still, it produces an enormous file, in fact it’s slightly bigger.

Still looking for an answer.

support said upgrading to the newest version would fix it.

The only support I know of is here on the forum. I went back in the archives and I didn’t see a complaint in your name. Can you find it? If you can’t, we’re going to make you do a sample demo all over again.

You understand that the new AUP3 files are a combination of the legacy AUP file and _DATA folders plus some housekeeping. They’re going to be very large. It’s a common misconception that the AUP3 file took over the job of the tiny AUP plain text file. No. It’s a database manager program and sound file storage in one.

Describe the show, its length, and how large the AUP3 file is. Or just make one up, say, an hour stereo show with Generate > Noise on both tracks. 44100 Sample rate. I get just over 643 MB AUP3 file in Audacity 3.0.5. How did you do?


If your project has a sample rate of 44100 Hz (default) a project should be expected to use a little over 20 MB per minute for one stereo track in a saved project. The project may be much bigger than that while it is open in Audacity due to the “undo” history.

Is that what you’re concerned about? When you perform some effects, Audacity doesn’t “remember” the effect and settings for UNDO, it just makes a copy of the whole show. That means if I perform just the right effects, my footprint in the computer isn’t 600MB any more, it could be just short of 2GB. That can get crazy in a hurry with a complex show and multiple tracks and effects.


OK, first read Steve’s and Koz’ posts.

If you still think your project is way to big then, see this post for information on Audacity Rescue:

Let me know how you make out…


Okay, forgive me if I am not providing all the relevant info you need.

I am noticing the data files on the old version makes the total project as big as the AUP3 file in the new version.

For instance, and AUP file in an old version is 99 kb. The data files associate with it is 537mb.

Opening that file into the new version and re-saving it, creating a AUP3 file is 290,000kb (or 290mb). The two other files created associated with it, AUP3-SHM & AUP3-WAL, total 225kb.

So the total storage space used in the new 3.1.0 version uses less than the storage space in the older version.

When you save and exit Audacity, the SHM and WAL files should be absorbed into the AUP3 file.

I’ve noticed that. Thank you.