Using Reaper (Cockos) FX In 3.2?

I’m on Windows 11 and have been playing with the new real-time effects. Love it! But I was hoping to be able to use Reaper’s Cockos effects, like ReaEQ, ReaComp, etc.

The demo video for 3.2 actually showed ReaFir in the section where you can “Get More Effects” (in the “Noise Removal and Repair” section). But I don’t see it there (or any other Reaper effect) now. I wonder if they WERE there and Audacity removed them?



Audcaity will ignore incompatible plugins, rather than remove them from the computer.

In Audacity 3.2.x I can only see two Cockos effects on the effects menu, (despite seven being enabled in the plugin manager), and neither are available as real-time effects …

whereas in Audacity 2.4.x seven are available, and they work in real-time …
Audcaity 2, seven Cockos effects, and they work in real time.png
Cockos plugins are at least 6 years old, they are not VST3.
Audacity 3.2.1 only provides real-time support for VST3, (VST2 support is planned).

NB, the reaplugs show up under the vendor “unknown” for me

Ahh, now I see them …
replugs in 'Unknown' in Audcaity 3.png
but they only work in preview-style, not real-time in the current version of Audcaity (3), (because they’re not VST3).
ReaEQ in Audacity 320 is preview, not real-time.gif
In Audacity 2 they work in real-time …
ReEQ in Audacity 2xx is real-time.gif

Correct. One of the points of 3.2 was to get the effects menu to consistently behave destructively and the realtime effects sidebar to be realtime. So the 4 built-in realtime-capable effects and the plugins lost this functionality while summoned from the effects menu.

NB, the reason that both VST2 and the realtime-capable built-in effects aren’t yet available from the sidebar is that they aren’t yet stateless. So to you only ever can have one of them in your entire project.

Yes, well, the ReaFir has certainly been removed from that page.

I understand that 3.2 development took longer than hoped for and I believe some of the goals were compromised or postponed for a future date.