USB Audio Interface Question

I’m trying to get started using Audacity on a budget and am considering either the ART Dual Pre USB interface or the Line 6 Pod Studio UX1as the USB interface to my computer. I’d appreciate any advice that anyone might care to offer regarding the relative merits or disadvantages of using either of these devices. The mic is going to be a Shure SM 57

Thank you for you help and suggestions…

I think the Arts has fans on the forum. We reviewed a number of sound devices here…

One of the shortcomings of one-path USB devices is their occasional problem of running out of gain. As I wrote about the Shure microphone amplifier, I don’t think many people are going to use the device with the Mic Gain control anything other than all the way up.

You may be fine if you’re planning on screaming rock music into it, but many people find that 90 year old Mrs. McGinty reading Irish poetry quietly into one to be less satisfactory.

We strive to get the poster to tell us all about the job because the requirements may change.

You might also like to read through Bruno’s search for a system to record his guitar. It’s currently the longest post on the forum. 18 chapters.


Thanks for the reply Koz… I’ll be recording primarly acoustic steel string guitar and occassionally dobro and mandolin. All relative quite acoustic instruments. fyi


That’s what Bruno was doing. It’s worth a read. Get a cup of coffee. It’s actual, hands-on experiences from someone who plays acoustic instruments into a microphone. He, too, was starting with a budget concept – USB in his case. The difference is he shared his experiences with posters and elves in 24 time zones.


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on vacations last week and quite busy before that :slight_smile:

I’ve also written a shorter version of that story with less chapters which you can find here: