Unusual calliope like sounds when recording guitar.

I’ve been home recording on a DAW of one sort or the other for about a decade now, and have never encountered these strange ‘calliope’ or ‘flute-like’ sounds when direct recording or USB microphone (Samson) recording an acoustic guitar. I have just begun to use my new Toshiba Laptop with a built in Realtek soundcard. I’ve tried reducing the recording volume, normalizing, compressing etc. I’m guessing the new laptop may be the problem. Has anyone ever encountered this effect before?

You’ve not told us much (anything) about what happened between playing the guitar and posting that audio clip, but I doubt that recording has come straight off the mic.

Check that Software Playthrough is not enabled in the Transport menu.
Check that Audacity is set to record from the USB (Samson) mic in the Device Toolbar.

Actually, that was a direct feed from my Gretch with built in 3 band equalizer and volume into my sound card. (However, I had a similar issue with using the Samson USB microphone). Aside from cutting the most egregious 1 MB section from the recording, nothing was done to the clip. I’ve never had an experience like this.

There’s something very weird happening then. All of the peaks are at exactly 0 dB and that does not happen by accident.

LOL! No joke! …Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll try recording through a mixing board or through my Behringer effects…maybe that’ll work. Thanks again !

I think I recognise the sound of soundcard “enhancement” which needs to be turned off …


Thanks for that…Who knew these little things were hidden away in sub-sub-sub-sub menus! I just turned off noise suppression…I think you’re right. I’ll give it a shot and report back! Thanks again!

Bingo! That was the problem…And I thought I had already turned off all that stuff too! Thanks a bunch! Now I just sound like my normal crappy guitar playing self! ;=)