Unstable pitch when recording acoustic guitar

Crickey. Just repeated the open string exercise with the usb mic removed - so using the built-in mic… no wobbles.
Tried a short piece - sound is not nice but it stays at pitch - no wobbles.

So it looks like it’s been the mic all along. Grrr.

So now I need a better mic that will record guitar clearly and without wobbling…

Thank you for the help - I really appreciate it.


I found this in the driver properties tab under “events”. It means nothing to me but is it useful?

Driver Management concluded the process to install driver wdma_usb.inf_amd64_48d65adf692e432c\wdma_usb.inf for Device Instance ID USB\VID_E4B7&PID_0812&MI_01\6&3C9D909&0&0001 with the following status: 0x0.

It’s “probably” the mic, but there’s still a slim chance that it could be a problem with the computer’s USB. Given that you’ve seen the problem on two computers, it’s very unlikely that the computers are at fault, but nevertheless, if you buy a more expensive USB mic, check the returns policy before you buy.



If recordings made with the old webcam & new microphone both wobbled, then I don’t think yet another mic is going to help. That looks like a problem with the computer.

You could try temporarily disabling any recently-added USB drivers : a process of elimination, ( two USB drivers may be fighting for control, causing the intermittent glitch ).

Again do make a system-restore point before experimenting with drivers just in case things go pear-shaped.