Turn down the audio, but only the limit and not completely

I’m having these little random sounds in my video that only appear when I render my video through the program, and I don’t know any other way to fix this, and I need to do this fast.

So the only way I thought of it is, to use Audacity to at least turn down just those random sound bits, but not turn the audio down completely, I was wondering how to limit the audio so that it doesn’t reach certain volumes, that would already help a lot , because these brief noises are so loud that it makes my ears ache to hear just one of them at extremely low volume.

(See the image) This is the audio in Audacity, and this line was made by me, and what I would like is, to limit the audio on this line so that it does not go beyond that, in this way, these sounds are maintained, but without deafening me and the others who will hear.

You could amplify (by about 9) (Allow clipping), export to a .WAV file. This should clip everything off above the level you wanted. You need to export to .WAV, as Audacity won’t actually clip the file until the export. When you load it back in you will find that it has clipped, and you can restore the original volume (if desired) by amplifing by -9.

Looks like a job for the PopMute plugin … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/new-plug-in-effect-popmute/17499/1