Trying to meet ACX specifications

Missed a step. We publish Audiobook Mastering 4 which is basically three tools that push your presentation into ACX technical compliance—except for noise. There is another whole series of postings what to do if you fail noise.

Also note after all this fuss, you only have achieved technical compliance. An ACX submission still has to pass Human Quality Control where your submission may die if can’t read.

There is also one slightly more exotic failure. USB microphones may have a failure I’ve called The Yeti Curse (turn the volume up a bit).

That can prevent you from passing ACX Noise and it can kill Quality Control Acceptance. It doesn’t submit to Noise Reduction well and it’s difficult to get rid of.

Also note that plain ordinary Yeti and Professional Yeti are the same thing. Yeti Pro® is a completely different microphone (at twice the cost) and as far as we can tell, doesn’t have that noise problem.