Trouble opening 24GB .aup File

I recently recorded audio and edited it through audacity. I saved it to make sure before I started editing it and it was fine. But after I edited it and saved it, it crashed.

Now when I try to re-open either the Edited .aup or the non-edited .aup file the program instantly jumps to “Not Responding”. Is there a way to open big .aup files or am I in trouble? And is there a way for me to export the .aup file to .mp3 without opening audacity itself as I already have it edited. I just haven’t exported it yet.

Doesn’t seem to be using any CPU/RAM Either which is odd:

Thanks, C.

Have a look in Windows Task Manager / Performance Tab / Memory graph. It could be that windows is creating a larger Page File to accommodate this large file.

To help Windows and Audacity, close every running programme, in particular your internet browser, and disconnect from the internet. It doesn’t matter how small the program - it could be using a resource that Audacity could put to better use.

Try rebooting your computer (not to be confused with signing out).

Then open task manager and close everything running app that is not essential to the running of windows.

Then open Audacity - check every thing is ok and loaded.

Then open the file and then wait until its loaded.

When loaded I would recommend cutting the recording into manageable sizes at a natural break within the recording. Saving each of these in *.aup3 format and *.wav These chunks will form an archive of original unedited material.

when I try to re-open either the Edited .aup or the non-edited .aup file

They’re not AUP files, right? They’re AUP3 files? The older AUP project manager files were text files and didn’t get very big even on large projects. Newer AUP3 files are AUP files and _DATA folders all in one.

Which Audacity do you have?


  1. As ISSAACC says,
  1. As koz says,
  1. It is likely that you have the “envelope problem”. First, upgrade to 3.0.4; that should keep it from getting any worse.

  2. Then I suggest that you run AudacityRescue one time to clean up the damage. See:

  3. If you try all of these things and you are still having problems, then zip up your .aup3 file and upload it to a public file sharing service. Post the link or PM it to me. [Offer not valid on .aup files]