Total Audacity noob here

This is a how-to for producing a forum test. The forum will only allow you to post about 20 seconds of mono (one blue wave).

Everybody misses the first step, two seconds of normal room noise. Hold your breath and Do Not Move for that two seconds. We need to hear just the noises the room is making.

There is a process for audiobook mastering.

And there is a tool to tell you how you did. That’s the ACX Check mentioned in the mastering post.

ACX is a publisher of audiobook readings. As a rule, if you can read for them, you can do anything else. In the recording world, their specifications are not all that strict. It’s usually only a problem if you’re reading from home.

Very few home readers pass background noise the first time. The audiobook specification is background noise at -60dB. In English, that means the room noise has to be a thousand times quieter than your speaking voice. If you can tell your computer is on just by listening, you’re dead. If you have a USB microphone, you can’t move the computer out of the room. The cable limit is about 6 feet (2M).

This recording thing isn’t as easy as the microphone makers lead you to believe.