Tone control plug-in

I’m OK in principle as long as it replaces Bass Boost. Not otherwise, because I think we could use the menu space to add other plug-ins for which there is no current alternative.

EQ does (in 1.3.13) have Treble Cut, Treble Boost, Bass Cut and Bass Boost presets. Any comments on those?

I haven’t seen a lot of comments that EQ is intimidating - are there many such? I think Martyn accepts a possible case after 2.0 to have two EQ effects (one curves, one graphic) with possibly a reduced interface like this for the Graphic EQ. Perhaps the case for that is weaker if we replace Bass Boost with Tone Control?

The Help Screen in Tone Control would have to be fixed for excessive height as per Conventions.

I suggest the Technical Details should make clear Equalization and Normalization refer to that employed in this plug-in, not the built-in effects of that name.