The distortion tool not doing it's job.

I use windows 10, so this is in the window’s section, and I used the .exe installer.
So, I don’t understand the distortion tool. IT HAD ONE JOB. And it does not distort stuff very well, it just makes it louder or softer while only slightly distorting it which is annoying. How do I make it distort a lot more. For that matter, how do I even make a crackling sound?

The Distortion effect does exactly what it was designed to do.
This is an example of the type of thing that it does:

Information about the distortion effect can be found in the manual:
As with other effects of this type, it is necessary to practice with the effect to get the best out of it.

I gave one example of how to make a crackling sound here:

Trebor suggested where you can download crackling sound effects:

Perhaps you could try searching with Google.

I don’t use free sound, and by distortion, it’s more like… warped, like glitches in audio that alter it so it’s hard to make out what sound is playing.

That is it’s job: people want the distorted sound still to be recognizable /understandable, (rather than totally obliterated).

There is a free plugin called TriDirt, (that works in Audacity), which is capable of audio-annihilation & has a crackle-type setting …

Well, sometimes I want it to go like that.

Generally distortion effects aren’t designed to glitch : glitching is a seperate thing.
Glitching plugins are available …

Oh! :blush: Well I didn’t know, considering I only got this 2 days ago, so I am a noob. :unamused: