Suggestion for buzz remover

Hi there,
So, I have a bunch of old records of bagpipes that I use ClickRepair to eliminate the crackling, clicking an otherwise horrible noise left on the surface. It works pretty well, but there’s one problem that even I am not able to correct even in Clickrepair.
So, on the Clickrepair manual, Pitch Protection is described as a series of repeating clicks at a given frequency which can be turned on or off. Problem is: Even when Pitch Protection AND decrackling are totally off, given that some of the Italian records have voices, sometimes the voice itself gets a little muddy-sounding. Particularly, ClickRepair does not eliminate all of the regular interval clicks that occur in a series at the frequency of the voice depending on the note they are singing.

So, what I’ve done so far was to invert the original with the cleaned version, and I notice that indeed there are several sets of clicks at regular frequencies, each of the clicks is surrounded by silence. So, this is my idea and I would very much appreciate some assistance: A plugin that searches for sound which is controlled by how many MS apart each sound occurs (i.e., the clicks that didn’t get removed but should be removed) If there is a click within the number of MS, perhaps it can silence all the clicks that fall within that time value or shorter so as to only still remove the outlier clicks.

Let me describe an example (obviously being blind I cannot attach pictures). So, on one Italian record there is a verse in the song that has a regular series of clicks on one of the syllables. When put through ClickRepair, this syllable still sounds artificially repaired. What I was thinking this plugin could do is to search for any set of clicks that follow each other within the typed value in MS, and it would delete all of the clicks that only succeed each other in that amount of time or shorter. If the space between clicks is greater than this, perhaps this plugin could just leave those alone. However if the space between clicks reaches the time value or a shorter space between clicks, maybe it would be a good idea for this plugin to silence the series of clicks, and only keep the first and last click in the regular interval series of clicks.

Does this make any sense? First one must invert the regular track with the repaired track (which Clickrepair created), and then use this plugin to for example eliminate the buzzing created by the series of clicks that are maybe 5 MS apart or shorter. Anything farther than 5 MS apart in this example would just be left alone, but anything 5 MS or shorter would be silenced. This plugin would analyze each and every single click and measure the distance between clicks so as to only eliminate those clicks which are (typed value) apart or shorter. That way, even though there will still be clicks at the frequency of the singing voice, I am sure this will work much better than Clickrepair’s own Pitch Protection because as I’ve said, Pitch Protection does not entirely remove the buzzy clicks (only some of them).

I’ve tried my best to make sense but it’s super hard to explain without providing an example, and I don’t think I can attach big-enough files to demonstrate this. If I could attach a big enough file I would point out that throughout the file there is a series of clicks that is (whatever value) apart or a shorter time value apart.
I’m sure I’m going to probably confuse everyone here, but like I said, itit’s difficult to explain… unless I did a good job explaining this already.

NOTE: This plugin is only a supplement for Clickrepair. But I’m sure that most Clickrepair users will benefit from this.

Paul-L’s (free) DeClicker plugin for Audacity has that: you can specify “Maximum time between clicks”.

Now the bad news: Paul-L’s DeClicker plugin can be slow compared with store-bought plugins, depending on the settings used.

That plugin sounds interesting. However, I don’t need to declick using that plugin. I’ve already used ClickRepair to declick everything. All I’m looking to do is literally detect that if there is a space between sounds that falls at whatever time interval you specify or shorter, then it will be silenced. I can imagine that declicking again with Paul’s plugin might ruin the original clicks?