Suggested workflow for me please

I did my recording after midnight when things are quieter.

I do that. I have a soundproofed bedroom, but I live on a busy street. I haven’t gotten around to building a panel for the window.

Sony MDR 7506

Did you recognize the ones on Mr. Greene in the pix? That’s NPR-West in Culver City, CA. If you walk onto any movie set and ask for headphones, somebody will hand you one of those.

this is the first time I am using audacity to record and do a final mix of tracks.

You are really going into the extended editing time.

I have recorded my voice at 96k in mono

You can do that, but is there any real reason you’re not using the more normal standards? 44100 at 16-bit? Much higher than that you can be generating enormous sound files for no good reason. And there are reasons not to. Your computer has to keep up with live recording and the higher the standards, the more likely you’ll be back here complaining about stuttering or skipping in the show.

That and while you’re doing editing, Audacity makes UNDO by saving a copy of The Whole Production. All of it. So make sure your internal drives have lot of room and you have external drives for storage and safety copies.

Home recording is not for the easily frightened. Take a peek at the audiobook mastering post. In general, if you can pass that, you can publish anywhere.