Sudden Problem Recording Skype


I’ve been using Audacity, a USB soundboard and Skype for some time. Then suddenly today, I was unable to record the other party on Audacity from Skype…I could hear them but they weren’t being recorded.

All my settings for input/output are correct in Skype & Audacity (as they’ve always been) but it’s not recording the other party.

I have 5 interviews to record next week and I’m stuck. Can anyone help with this?

Thanks so much for any suggestions…

I know this is not fuzzy-warm, but it’s possible your system failed because Skype wanted it that way. Skype got to be the ultra-reliable chat application by viciously and unpredictably taking over your computer’s sound services. It’s not unusual when Skype rejiggers settings for far-side recording to drop dead. Local recording is handled through Windows, but far-side is handled through Skype services.

Audacity is not recommended for recording Skype.

You might like Pamela or one of the other Skype recording applications.

Others may be available since we wrote that. Post back if you find one you like.


You did cold restart your computer at least once, right? You didn’t say so.

If you’re in Win10, Shift-restart so Windows doesn’t try to retain any settings.