Subdividing a long file

I am using Windows Audacity 2.0.5 and Win XP. I have a 1 hour recording of a speech. I saved it as a .wav file and created a cd with CDBurnerXP. It all works fine. However, when I want to start at a point near the end, my CD player has to begin at the beginning and scan rather slowly to the point I want to start listening.

Is it possible to create a .wav file with markers every 5 minutes so that I can jump from marker to marker (as if jumping from chapter to chapter on a DVD) until I get near the place I want to listen? This would take a whole lot less time. Any suggestions?

Audacity does not yet support markers in WAV files (very few WAV players do) and it would not help the CD burner.

I suggest you label interesting points in the long track that would be useful to jump to, then export multiple WAV files based on those label points. Burn the CD with Disk At Once and no gap between tracks. Then the CD player should be able skip between the CD tracks.

If the CD does not play smoothly across the separate tracks then you could try exporting a single WAV as you did before, but burn with Disk At Once and a Cue Sheet to tell the CD burner where to make separate tracks.

See Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual and Burning music files to a CD - Gapless burning .


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