Starting Narrating Adventure and need HELP!!! Pleassssse

So I was going to add words to the beginning of that segment just so I could make it flow better :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
When my book is ready, oh in about 10 years, I will let ya know. :wink:
(I need to revisit this article)
Thank you for your help.
I am off to see what mischief I can create or ears I can overload with my misuse of words. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So I was going to add words to the beginning of that segment just so I could make it flow better

Actually, that was one of the odd-duck technical problems. You can’t have too much silence, either. The RMS (loudness) audiobook specification is an overall average of all the spoken words. So putting tons of silence in there throws that measurement off. I sliced off all the silence at the end before I measured it.

When my book is ready, oh in about 10 years

So you’ll have all the technology and production details down at about the same time.

Oh, wait! I recognize this! This is Avoidance and Denial. “I’ll finish my book when I get a better typewriter.”

You may not have to do any of this. You may just need to talk out the book over coffee with a typist/editor who then transcribes the notes and straightens out the timelines and plot structure. They become a “with.”

My Book by Gracie Lynn (with Alice Throckmorton)

Publish in paper and then turn the notes over to one of ACX’s readers.

Then bask in the fame and renumeration.

Piece o’ cake.


I love your outlook!
I will have to consider moving my timeline up on my book now :wink:
I will make sure to mention you in my credits as one my supporting persons! Ya da bomb! :smiley:

I have one more question I need to verify… I have read so many things…after I am done recording, and I go to export my recording for ACX do I save it in WAV form or MP3 form ??? I just wanted to clarify… :confused:
Thanks for humoring me…


Personally I would de-ess before making an mp3,
as any excessive sibilance will have a lot of digital artefacts after being encoded to mp3

You’ll need a high-resolution de-esser, which has multiple bands, like Paul-L’s free one,
(all the other free de-esser plugins I’ve seen just have one band, and are not going to tame your sibilance).

Store-bought de-esser plugins can process the audio quicker than Paul-L’s, and are easer to use, but they co$t.

Your Personal Edit Master Export should be a perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. The copy for ACX needs to be MP3, constant bitrate, at least 192 quality, as it says in their postings.

The WAV is needed because once you create the MP3 for them, you can’t edit or change it.

If you do edit and export a new MP3, the quality goes below 192, and you can’t stop it. You can’t submit that.

MP3 is a time bomb.