Standard gap between regions

First post on here. I use Audacity every day and love the program.

I work for a company that provides on-hold messaging, overhead messaging, and music for businesses. Lots of file conversion, simple edits, etc. I do mix our on-hold programs, which entails:

Get ~5-10 custom messages recorded by voice talent. Mix these messages with music. Have a a 5 second gap of music between each message. Duck music track so it plays in background of message.

I’m looking for a creative/quick way to take my message files and place them on one track, each 5 seconds apart. So far the quickest way I’ve found is import them all as individual tracks and use the “tracks end to end” function, then manually space them out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t say this is the best way to do it, but I’d make a 5-second silent file and just copy/past it to the end of the 1st message, then copy/paste the 2nd message to the end of that, and repeat…

Could that be helpful?

Feel free to ask if you have problems with it.

DVDdoug – not a bad idea at all. Thank you!

Robert – I successfully installed your plugin. This is great. Each message is separated by whatever time I’d like. However, they’re all still on individual tracks. Should I put all regions on one track? Or is there a better way to do this?

In general, multi Track is the way to go.
The export mixes the tracks down eventually.
You can do it manually by choosing mix and render from the track menu (with the proper tracks selected).
What you can do in any case is to “Detach at Silences” (Edit → Clip Boundaries -->).
This removes the digital silences at the beginning of the tracks.