Spectral Edit - a lifesaver!

Took me a while to figure out how it worked, but this particular feature has proven to be a lifesaver for fixing mouth noises/clicks. Before, I was only trying things like Repair, deleting the click/noise or using the pencil tool … all with extremely limited success. But Spectral Edit is amazing!

Just wanted to say that. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m now at work on my fifth audiobook, and I haven’t forgotten all the great help I got from you guys when I was just starting out and clueless about many things. I’m still clueless about a lot, but not as much as before. :smiley:

The DeClicker plugin is equally amazing : it removes all the clicks in one go, ( a lot quicker than removing them individually with spectral edit ).

I’ve used the DeClicker - as well as RX’s version. Neither of them take out all of the clicks and if you’re too aggressive with the settings, it sounds horrid. So I do a combo of both. I run RX’s DeClicker and DeCrackle (at low settings), then go back through it and use Spectral Edit to catch the stuff the plugins didn’t get.

I developed spectral editing and the DeClicker. I am pleased to hear it.

Oh, hey there Paul! We’re friends on FB. :smiley: I didn’t know who developed that tool or I would have told you directly. :slight_smile: