Spankin' Newbie, Patient help requested......

Hello Friends,

I’m a singer, using this program to record small songs, jingles, VO and such. I get tracks and sing to them or speak over them and here is the problem.
This site is huge…Where do I go to know what to do next…

I drop my music on track one
track two lead singing
track three alto backing
track four tenor backing

After I do these to satisfaction, I merely save them and upload as an Mp3. Am i supposed to do something more? To balance all the sounds together? Dont’ even know what that’s called.
I get a great little sound, but I can’t even figure out where the Headphone volume button is OR how to get Track One to loop around…

Any direction welcome. Sorry to be an open pain in the ass…but…

Am i supposed to do something more?

You’re supposed to do whatever is pleasing to you or to your client. Your current pipeline is pretty much the basic process for overdubbing/sound-on-sound.

Dont’ even know what that’s called.

That’s mastering from creating a music master from which all other records, CDs or postings are made.

We do have one or two items for your process. If you Save an Audacity Project, that will give you a way to get back to all the original tracks and voices you laid down. But unfortunately, not UNDO. Projects do not save UNDO.

The finished show file should be done in WAV (Microsoft) not MP3. WAV is a perfect sound format and that should be your archive. MP3 gets its tiny files by making changes to the audio and causing sound damage. If you keep opening up and saving MP3 files, they will eventually become unlistenable.

Once you make the Project and/or archive WAV, then you can make the MP3 for publishing and distribution. Please note that this archive process is going to take up a lot more drive space than the MP3s did. The audiobook people recommend an external hard drive.

Post one of your finished songs here on the forum, or at least a segment of one. One of the forum elves can always find something wrong with a recording.
We’re not going to surgically rip apart your sound waves, so MP3 is probably OK.


Thank you for your reply. I’ll digest it some and see if i’ve any questions.

Here is one of my songlets, as I call them. Let me know what you think, to improv the song.
It’s very raw…

I will say I booked a little VO job, from MeClosetStudios, already! I did use WAV tracks, by the way…

You can adjust the volume of parts of tracks using Audacity’s envelope tool

Let me know what you think

I’m good with it just like that.

Trebor is illustrating a tool to use for phrase by phrase volume changes in the single mix-down. Instead of the I-Beam tool, you select the dual white arrows with bent blue line and that gives you a rubber band to push the volume around note by note if you need. Don’t forget to go back to the I-Beam tool when you’re done.

You should play through the whole piece once before you publish to make sure your corrections are “invisible” and don’t detract from the song.


If the VO job is spoken word, that may be a lot more of a challenge than singing. You can cover up microphone noise, echoes and room noises with singing, but the instant you stop for breath between spoken words, that hissy microphone or rumbling metrobus is going to be right there.

We have tools and techniques to help with audiobook and similar reading.


Thank you all; wow. Adjusting the volume for my individual tracks, is what i wanted. I’ll chew on this and give it a practice soon.
I’m sure I’ll have more questions. I appreciate your assistance.

The VO gig will be recording somewhere in a professional studio. I’ve merely set up a small closet studio for my own fun.
I’m using it for home auditions; which happen alot for a variety of jobs. I know it’s very elementary.

#1. The volume on the YouTube is way too low : the loudest bit is -16dB .
Normalizing to -1dB is OK for uploads to YouTube.

#2. There are clicks on plosives : “b” of “brothers”, “g” of “got” , “b” of “ball” , etc.
Those clicks can be removed using a DeClicker plugin for Audacity …

[ The DeClicker should be applied to the vocal track alone , as it it can damage the sounds of musical instruments ]

If you’re doing Voice Overs, some sort of de-clicker and de-esser plugins are essential , IMO.

If you’re doing Voice Overs, some sort of de-clicker and de-esser plugins are essential , IMO.

If you do it at home. These jobs will be at a studio. I don’t know how many post production services there are, but I assume the production will be missing all the shortcomings of home announcing to a USB microphone.