Sound Quality Feedback

Behold Ian, who authored the longest post in forum history.

30 chapters. He’s recording his voice with a Blue Snowball.

That’s it. That’s all he’s doing.

No guests, no complexities, no Skype. He is doing this for a paycheck; this is not a free podcast for friends and neighbors, so Just Close isn’t going to work. It has to be studio perfect.

He’s recording his voice pieces from a sound insulated and hot closet in an apartment on La Brea in Los Angeles. That does work.

He posted a voice piece as a favor for me and it sounded pretty much perfect. If I have to dig for problems, you’re good to go. I believe he passes ACX AudioBook certification.

My joke about this: A discussion of British regional accents with vocal swing and inflection, not ‘what’s that buzz in the background.’

He went through that room echo business, too.