SOS- Audacity Configuration Error

Hi everyone -

I’m a first time Audacity user and although my first time went well with recording and publishing my first podcast episode… I cant say the same for my 2nd.
I have about 2h40m of content that I spent 4 hours editing last night, that I can no longer access. I keep getting this error msg and I am freaking out.
I’m hoping this thread finds its way to Jademan in specific but if anyone else can walk my not so tech savvy way through it I will be forever grateful!

Thanks in advance

Mac OS Catalina version 10.15.17
Audacity 3.2 version
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 9.30.46 AM.png

As it says on the manual page (click the “?” button at the bottom of the error message to see this page:…
Check that the file:
/Library/Application Support/audacity
can be written to.

An alternative fix is given by Bill here:

I am honored by your confidence in me. Sometimes I get lucky. :wink: I have good news and other news…

But first, note that you should not be on Audacity version 3.2, as it has not been released yet.

The good news is that it likely that nothing is wrong with your .aup3 project file. The other news is that this looks like a MacOS related issue and I know little about MacOS. Please follow the advice offered by Steve. :smiley:

So - Got the permissions back to the application and the file BUT only 40 minutes of the 2hr40m worth of content was recovered.
Is there ANYWAY I can retrieve the rest or am I screwed.

Thank you and Jademan both for your help honestly. Also, I meant 3.1.3, my bad :cry:

If zooming out doesn’t find your audio, I have no tricks up my sleeve. :frowning:

Hi guys me again :mrgreen:
I literally am a noob and am looking for some guidance from both of you if possible - I recorded an audio clip in my living room and I’m finding the playback sounds very… distant or hollow if you will. Is there a way to reduce that and regulate the sound so it doesn’t sound like we recorded in an empty room with high ceilings?

Thanks so much in advance!

Does that mean that you fixed the problem in your first post? If so, what fixed it?
(let’s close one issue if we can before we start on another).

Nope, lost the 2 hours worth of content - made do with the 40 minutes that I did have.

Others can help you with effect that might be able to adjust the audio.

I can suggest that you verify that you are recording from the microphone you think you are. It is far too easy to record from your built-in microphone. Be sure to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices before you record, then do the scratch test on your microphone to ensure you have the selected the proper one.