Soften the S

Hello All,

Firstly, thank you very much to the whole Audacity team for making it available. It is quite simply, coool. I have used Audacity off and on but never in a serious way. However, I now need to create some voiceovers for videos on a new website and, given that I cannot afford to use a professional voice over artist, plan on doing the voice overs myself and then use Audacity to clean things up. Initial testing has gone well. I do have a rather low pitched masculine voice so I have tried using Audacity to change it up a bit and it works well. However, there is one thing I have not yet figured out - I have a tendancy to hiss out my “S” sounds which though on its own is simply a peculiarity of speech may well get a bit overpowering in a sequence of videos. Question - is there a way to soften out that hiss using Audacity? I would greatly appreciate any help.

There are two free de-ess plugins I know of which work in Audacity …

Spitfish …

and Gmulti (multiband compressor) … [just use the high freq “band3” to de-ess]

Spitfish is available for Windows and Mac Operating Systems, GMulti is Windows only.

[ I couldn’t get the free “mda” De-ess.dll to work effectively in Audacity … , however most of the “mda” VST pack do work for me ]

Thank you! I will give em a shot and report back.