Simple Audacity Forum Voice Test

P’s & B’s sound good on that: no popping.

It has adjustable sensitivity patterns. One of them may have lower noise than the others. :question:
Cardioid is the optimal pattern shape for one vocalist, but maybe try the others to see if they produce better results.

RMS Normalization does not effect the dynamic-range:
it adjusts the gain of all of the selected audio by a constant amount.
You may be thinking of compression which reduces the dynamic range,
Compression may be necessary if you’re doing the voices of loud & soft spoken characters.
Audacity’s built in compressor is OK but slow to use, there are free compressor plugins which are much better,
e.g. GMulti which is a multi (3) band real-time compressor, (the high frequency band can be used to DeEss).

I’d use an expander, (like the free version of Couture), to bring down the noise floor, (when you’re not speaking),
before resorting to noise-reduction. Expander only kicks-in then the volume is very low, whereas noise-reduction is constantly on. If you must use noise-reduction use the least amount necessary to pass.
( If expander alone is not enough could use expander & [hint of] noise-reduction ).