Room Noise Floor -59.6DB Argh! [SOLVED]

I applied your published correction suite and the clip sails straight through ACX-Check and I’m guessing it sounds exactly like you. There are no prominent background noises and even if there were, they’re well below the volume of being important.

I did not apply the de-esser/de-clicker thing. You join the religious community that swears by those two tools one way or the other. I didn’t notice any significant aural defects and you should note one good goal is to apply as few corrections as possible against ACX finding them and rejecting the work. Also, a long laundry list of corrections is going to get really tired about mid-way through the third book.

Also note RMS Normalize is a thing now. It’s a formal effect and doesn’t require constant copy/paste, load/save in Nyquist Prompt. It replaces SetRMS but only works in Audacity 2.1.3.