RMS Normalize

A note that wildly varying volume in a voice performance will not respond to RMS Normalize. That’s where the as-you-go compressors are valuable. Also note, if you weave in and out from a directional microphone during your performance, the proximity effect will change the quality of your voice enough so it will not be recoverable.

I see I didn’t post the final for ACX Audiobook Mastering 4. The process has been reduced to two or three standard steps that should produce an ACX compliant submission and out the door.


Please don’t leave out any steps or ad-lib. The suite is designed so each tool works from the tools that came before.

Are you the reader? You might want to read a standard test clip and either submit it, or run it through the Mastering Suite and see how you do.


If you come up with a shorter or more graceful “universal” method, let us know how you did it. ACX Suite 4 was in development for months.