rms normalization relation to limiting help?


This is a long-winded way of introducing a three-tool process. It is a “suite,” a harmonious grouping. The tools create intentional errors and clean up after each other. Don’t ad-lib.

If you have a quiet, well-behaved recording, it’s possible to go from Mastering 4 directly to making the MP3 for ACX.

If it still fails, you can announce a test sample and post it on the forum.


Home recording artists rarely pass noise the first couple of tries. It’s hard to describe how quiet -60dB is. In English, they want your background noise to be a thousand times quieter than your voice.

And while I’m here, it’s good computer hygiene to make WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit protection sound files of your original readings and your Edit Masters. Audacity Projects are not recommended for this.