ReShow Cassette to MP3 converter

No, that is not the right cord. I suppose you could use if, but you’d need another cord that goes from a stereo mini-plug to 2, 1/4-inch mono jacks.

You will likely need something like the first picture on this manual page. The 3-pin mini-plug end goes into the headphone jack of the cassette player. The other end goes into whatever USB-audio interface you buy (assuming it has RCA jacks for audio input).

Pick the USB-audio interface first, then get the right cable.

I have no experience with any USB-audio interface other than one Behringer device, so I can’t recommend any other particular device.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill!
Are there any particular traits I should look for in a USB-audio interface?

Are there any particular traits I should look for in a USB-audio interface?

A pair Line level inputs (which will work with line or headphone signals).

A recording volume knob is is a nice feature. (Those “little” Behringer interfaces don’t have that.) But if you’re recording from a headphone output you already have a volume control.

Places like [u]Musician’s Friend[/u] that sell live sound & recording equipment offer a large selection USB audio interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs.

Another option is a small USB mixer (with a pair of line inputs).


Thanks so much for the tip. Connecting before launching Audacity did not work. I went to Utilities and found the Audio MIDI Setup. Weirdly, the device would pop in and out of the menu. Almost as if the device was trying, and the OS kept spitting it out. It would pop in for a few seconds and then disappear. This happened repeatedly every 10 seconds or so. Weird.
Bottom line, if you are running a Mac OS, skip trying to use a ReShow Cassette to MP3 Convertor.

Reviving this thread after a few years to say that I’m on a Mac and got this to work like a charm. (Sonoma 14.2.1 with the newest ReShow cassette player)

I found this thread because I initially had issues with Audacity not recognizing the ReShow cassette player, but after seeing @steve 's comment that you need to have the device plugged in BEFORE starting Audacity I was able to get things working perfectly.

For anyone wondering if this device now works with the Mac version of Audacity, it indeed does, and it does so beautifully. Thanks for the help here!