Replay Gain - best way to use

I often create song lists that are mixed together (overlaps from one to the other). I do this in approx 45 min sets as I can put one on and just let it play depending on my mood. I have used the ‘replay gain’ feature to normalize the volumes of all the tracks. Is it best to do this for each track as I introduce them into the playlist or do I add all the tracks (sonogs) into the project and then select all and do the replay gain for all of them?

If they overlap you’ll have to “ReplayGain” them separately before mixing. You don’t want the volume to suddenly jump up or down while the music is playing. :wink:

Are you using the ReplayGain plug-in for Audacity? That will work but I don’t think it checks for clipping so if Audacity “shows red” you’ll have to manually adjust-down the volume before exporting. WaveGain (or MP3Gain*) will also work.

Note that the real-original ReplayGain won’t work in this situation… ReplayGain has one gain setting per file and the volume is adjusted once just-before playback, and the adjustment is made by the player-software. The actual audio data isn’t touched, the file is “tagged” with a ReplayGain number.

I often create song lists that are mixed together (overlaps from one to the other).

Some player software has a crossfade option so you can just drop-in your songs or make a playlist or play tracks randomly, etc. There is a [u]smart crossfader plug-in[/u] for Winamp. It can be set to start the next song when the current one fades to X-dB and you can set it so it doesn’t add any additional fade (what I call a “DJ style crossfade”. If the first song doesn’t fade out the next one will just start when that one ends, or there are several configuration options. But I’ve had some trouble with it. :frowning: I sometimes (always?) get a little “glitch” before the crossfade starts. [u]SAM DJ[/u] ($100) has a similar smart crossfader and I’m pretty sure there is other DJ software with that feature. (I haven’t tried any of these.)


  • If possible, you should avoid editing MP3s. If you want an MP3 it’s best to compress ONCE after all editing is done.

thanks! I am using the Replay Gain plug in for Audacity. The reason I asked the question was b/c, I noticed a volume difference from the replay gained track to the original…it was significant. So I was wondering how I could equalize it after. I guess I can just raise the volume for the entire projedct up after it’s been replay gained.

If you mean this one: ReplayGain plug-in
please read my posts in that topic.