Removing or making nasty spikes less audible?

This recording has nasty spikes that occur all over and removing them by hand “cut” is very tedious work. Are there any other approaches possible to remove / diminish these spikes? See attached sample from the selected area.
Tango - Angelis - Tus palabras y la noche (canta Julio Martel 1950) spikes - waveform.jpg
Tango - Angelis - Tus palabras y la noche (canta Julio Martel 1950) spikes - spectogram.jpg

If you zoom in closer you will see the crackles as vertical red lines in the spectrogram view:

The Repair tool should be able to fix these, though it will take a lot of time and effort going through them all.

You might want to try Brian Davies’ ClickRepair - it costs a little but you get a 14-day free-trial - see this sticky thread:

It’s what I used for my LP transcriptions, it gave excellent (almost magical) results.

One of the great things about it is that you can set it to play the part of the signal that is being removed.


There is a free plugin for Audaucity called Paul-L’s de-clicker which will do the job …

However it can take its time , ( e.g. processing time can be 10x playbacktime , depending on the setings ).

Brian Davies De-Click stand-alone software is much faster , but not free.
[ In some cases Paul-L’s de-clicker produces a better result ]

I seem to recall that Paul’s de-clicker was originally developed for mouth-smacks.

What I like about Brian’s ClickRepair was that it is a very focussed single-purpose tool designed for repairing recordings of damaged gramophone records - and his GUI that enables you to hear precisely what is being removed, a real bonus and very helpful in audio restoration. :ugeek:

As for cost, if you only have a few repairs to make then the 14-day free-trial should do you right - with many more And I had in excess of 400 then at $40 the cost can be a cent or so per LP - a bargain some might say :slight_smile:


If you use my De-Clicker, there is also a drop-down choice to “isolate” what will be removed.