?remove noise form mic cable short

I have audio with 3 sections were the lavaliere mic cable being used shorted. What steps can I use to salvage this audio? One of the clips is attached.
mic short.aup (1.1 KB)

That’s not a sound file. Can you Export a clip as FLAC and try it again? You won’t get much further than five seconds or so, so pick a segment with an error in the middle. Thanx,

oops. here it is

That’s very badly damaged, but I’ve had a go …

I’ve applied Steve’s popmute plugin on default settings then applied Audacity’s “repair” to the worst offenders, last take has low-pass equalization on the glitch …

Still sounds bad, but at least the glitch is much quieter.

thanks I thought that would be about all that could be done but did not know how to go about it.