Recovering lost audio

So koz, currently this is done by magical incantation and elbow grease. :wink: Tips and clues on how to do some of this have been posted by Steve and others over the years. I have a few tricks of my own.

Not currently. However, in the case of projects that are already excessively slow, AudacityRescue (see 3.0.3 experiencing extreme slowdown and is Not Responding - #18 by jademan ) can be run to remove excess baggage and 3.0.4 can be used to keep them from coming back. I am hopeful that, someday, a program will be written to recover from 11=Corrupt data base, and other broken .aup3 issues. I certainly don’t need to be doing this - these problems are a waste of my time and that of the users. :slight_smile:

No. I am not going to hazzard a guess at this. In my opinion, in a perfect world, the SQlite structure and software “should” be strong enough to tolerate anything the user might do. But we are not there today are we? And I hesitate to blame the user on software/hardware limitations. One thing I try to do, is to not rush things even when I am in a hurry - to give the computer the time it needs to do things right the first time. But did impatience cause the issue? I think software/hardware limitations caused the issue.

Yes, and I may need your help on this with Dave/Jack’s broken 2.4.2 .aup project: Can you troubleshoot Missing Audio Data Block? - #9 by jademan

Which is exactly why I am doing this.